Easy ways to Celebrate Love in Lockdown


Lockdown can be challenging for your love relationship. You cannot go out for dinners or movie dates with your partner. Many couples who lived apart, they were not able to see their partner for many months. We have listed here a few great ideas to celebrate your relationship and anniversary milestones during the quarantine.

1) If you want to say something important, writing a note, especially a handwritten note, can be even more powerful.

2) Pick a movie that you both love—or the first film that you ever watched together!

3) If you are planning a romantic date night for two, then ordering the right meal can make all of the difference in how your special evening turns out.

4) Order for a special bottle of wine or Champagne.

5) Wedding vows are all about the promises you’re making to your partner about your marriage and your commitment. Re-read your wedding vows to each other.

6) A love collage can preserve the most beautiful pictures from the past year as a romantic token of love. Pick images and make a photo collage.

7) Dedicate more time to one another.

8) Surprise your partner from time to time and appreciate for her efforts and strengthen your relationship.

9) Think of all the reasons you love her then show her how much you do.

10) Sit down and watch your wedding video again. Tell her how beautiful she was on that special day and how she is still beautiful to this day.



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